Rabu, 19 Desember 2012

Scrumulatory - the feedback

Thanks to the training delegates who took part in my scrum simulation game this week, and for the feedback from the game. +Patrik Kosowski, Suzanne Holmberg, +Emil Särnstrand, Christian Larsson, Jens Olsson, Jorgen Persson you were great!

First and most important feedback - we need a new name. Scrumulatory? You must be kidding. Scrumopoly? Scrumplicity? Scrummy? Burn-it-down? There's got to something better!

Equally important is the feedback about how to simplify the rules while keeping the emphasis on Scrum learning and Scrum decision making... rather than cards and mental arithmetic! I hear you Emil. More preparation by the facilitator and fewer rules to read before you can start. There are several changes in the pipeline now for the next outing.

Overall people gave positive feedback along with the suggestions for improvement so it's definitely getting another outing at the next course. One useful suggestion was to make the game open for others to play and modify. Absolutely. If you'd like to try it with your group or training course, send me a message and I get a copy of the rules and basic equipment over to you. Once we get a reasonably stable set of rules, we'll share it open source so it can have a life of its own.

Play is the basic structure for human learning. Enjoy!
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