Kamis, 01 April 2010

Powered-by-xProcess Applications

As discussions continue about opening up the xProcess world to other applications through the web services interface, it's worth considering the types of application this could enable. From an automatically scheduled to-do list on an i-Phone through to case-management support applications, the scope is of course boundless. But where are the quick wins? Most people who have seen the potential of xProcess, recognise that it's firstly in the context of supporting standard software engineering and project management processes such as Scrum, FDD, Prince and UP. The process definition gives teams access to standard patterns of tasks, if necessary with standard templates for associated artefacts and quality gateways. But processes are everywhere in the business landscape and if they are processes that need planning, resource allocation and forecasting, it may well be that the xProcess model provides just the foundation for powerful on-line support. Furthermore alternatives in this space are much less prevalent.

The web services interface means that full access to the underlying model will no longer be restricted to the Eclipse-based RCP client. Mash-ups which combine multiple sources of information can use the xProcess data source as the process and scheduling engine while application-specific views and data can be integrated seamlessly. If you've ideas for applications or would like to know how you can use the xProcess model for your project, do get in touch. The link to the Source Forge project is here: https://sourceforge.net/projects/xprocess/.
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