Rabu, 06 Februari 2008

Set effort to match size

A previous entry provided the script required to define an action shortcut for setting the Size of tasks based on existing estimates for the effort required (see Set size to match effort). In some cases the inverse of this operation - Set effort to match size - is the useful operation. Here's the code you need for that one. Once again you should make it a "UI Action" by setting this field to True so that it appears on the right-click menu when you select a task or set of tasks.

Action Name: Set effort to match size
#factor = getProject().getFloatProperty( "CurrentProductivity_pointsPerIdealPersonDay"),
#factor = (#factor < 0.01) ? 1.0 : #factor,
#size = getSize(),
Applicable to:
UI Action:

Parameters: (none)

Note that the operation uses a factor to scale the mapping between size points and effort. If this factor is 1.0 the mapping is 8 hours effort (480 minutes) per size point.

Perhaps - like it's inverse operation, this will one day appear in the preconfigured operations of the Simple Process. Note that is very similar to the Set estimates action which is delivered in this process. However that operation is designed to take Size as a parameter (usually during the instantiation of a pattern) and so it is not suitable to make that one into a UI Action for operating directly on existing tasks.
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