Kamis, 24 Januari 2008

The Role of the Process Engineer

Since xProcess provides configurability of processes, it also introduces a new role to projects - that of the Process Engineer. Of course the role may be played by a project manager or process consultant, or simply by one of the members of the project, but it's an important role and one that can greatly enhance the success of projects using xProcess.

Several Process Engineers have already created the processes that come bundled with xProcess (Basic Scrum, Basic FDD, Simple Process) and there are others such WPM Prince 2, Web Development, Issue Management and Basic UP that are available in the community. So the likelihood is that most Process Engineers will start with one of these processes as the baseline. As experience with a process is gained, the details of the way it is being used by the projects can be understood and the sorts of useful modifications or additions to the patterns, actions and workflows can be specified.
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