Sabtu, 01 Desember 2007

Document-driven processes

Many processes are driven by documents. Documents are the resulting artifacts from tasks of the process, as well as being the inputs or informing artifacts for subsequent tasks. Examples of such processes range from drug administration, planning applications, legal processes of many kinds and financial control. Since many of these processes are also subject to regulatory control and audits it makes sense to define and monitor them within an environment like xProcess, which not only provides feedback on the forecasts and targets for task completion, but also can handle the version control of the document templates, and the documents themselves.

Modelling these processes requires understanding of what the key documents are, their format (which can be captured as document templates) and the transformation work which takes place through the process (which can be captured as task patterns). The quality control to be executed at each stage can be captured as gateways.

Here's a simple example.
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