Kamis, 15 November 2007

xProcess Europe

On November 6th Ivis announced that it had demerged its European operation (see Press Release) . The new company is known as xProcess Europe and it's owned by former members of the UK team including Andy Carmichael and Paul Kuzan both seminal thinkers in the evolution of xProcess.
Andy Carmichael: "Paul Kuzan and I are both very pleased to be involved with the on-going evolution of the xProcess product and brand, and we believe xProcess Europe provides a great opportunity, particular for developing the services offering that customers adopting xProcess are often looking for. Providing better support and expertise for companies wanting to improve the processes behind their project and portfolio management will be one of the main focuses of the new company. While our product sales and support work will primarily be targeting the European market, we will continue to offer process improvement services world-wide, wherever the needs exist."
xProcess Europe and Ivis Technologies are both supporters and contributors to this blog. From time to time you'll find links and references to both companies here. For more details try their web sites: www.ivis.com and www.xprocess.eu.com.
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