Jumat, 30 November 2007

Participating in the project

The key thing about defining processes and project in xProcess is that the participants on a project can interact with the plans day by day, making them not just a view of what someone once hoped might happen, but an up to date record of the most likely outcome given progress so far.

The easiest way for project members to update their estimates, progress and plans is to use the web client of xProcess. By installing the xProcess server, this becomes accessible to team members using just a browser. They log in using their Subversion password and can then see their task assignments and update time bookings, which tasks are active, task estimates and descriptions, and other aspects of the plan relevant to their work. Here's a typical screen shot taken from our Scrum Project example (click on the image to enlarge).

Different filters can be used to show either just tasks scheduled for this week or all tasks assigned to the participant. Clicking on a task bring the task details in to the lower panel where they can be reviewed and edited. If there are documents or other artifacts associated with the task these can be seen and downloaded from this screen.

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