Jumat, 01 Juni 2007

xProcess wins in the "Tools and Environments" category of the SD Times 100 Awards

The 5th annual SD Times 100 recognizes the leaders and innovators of the software development industry. The 2007 SD Times 100 was posted on the sdtimes.com Web site today, and it names Ivis's xProcess as a winner in the Tools and Environments category. The award citation reads:
xProcess changes those lovely best practices into die-cast working frameworks for your developers. The easiest way to push some sanity into the development process.
David Rubinstein, Editor-in-Chief of SD Times, said "The winners of this year's SD Times 100 awards have demonstrated their leadership in shaping the software development industry. We took into account each nominee's products and services, its reputation among development managers, and the new ideas it brought out. These select individuals and organizations are the ones we've identified as helping to move the art of development forward."

The team at Ivis are proud to be a part of this select band creating the new breed of tools that will equip organizations and projects to deliver more, faster with less!
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