Kamis, 07 Juni 2007

ITIL We Meet Again

I was talking with Charlie Betz recently about ITIL, the best practices framework for delivery of IT services, and how xProcess might be used to support service delivery applying these practices. xProcess is well suited to "case management" type projects because of its ability to handle relatively small task patterns and create composite patterns of collections, iterations or selections of smaller patterns. With v3 of ITIL taking a more "lifecycle" approach, it brings a greater emphasis on process and stronger motivation to understand and improve underlying process models. That's why I'm particularly interested to find ITIL professionals wanting to model their processes with xProcess.

Any way I've been browsing Charlie's blog which has some interesting observations, and not just on ITIL. This entry highlights some frustrations with ITIL from an SDLC perspective: My first ITIL v3 presentation. It brought a smile to my face at least.

(Apologies to Diana Ross for the title of this entry.)
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